Environmental Monitoring Solutions

At Leading Network Systems Pvt. Ltd. ( Enterprise Division ) you will get the best active monitoring solutions. These are inherently built to protect your IT environment against any physical threat, even human or environmental threats that can cause any distribution or downtime tom your IT Infrastructure. This is also inclusive of access controls, cameras, sensors and accessories like these that are well protected.


  • Environmental Monitoring:
    • Temperature, leak, door, vibration, airflow, dry contact, 4-20mA, and 0-5V, Beacon
  • Surveillance
    • Monitoring of IT assets remotely is done by CCTV camera
  • Access Control
    • Viewing of audit trails
    • Manage access to APC Net Shelter SX enclosures
  • Management Capabilities:
    • The function of alarming allows multiple notification, scheduling, graph and video attachments and escalation.
    • It efficiently connects up to 78 sensor ports with 1IP address.
  • Pods extend function of NetBotz appliances
    • Rack and Wall Sensor Pod
    • Camera Pod
    • CCTV Adapter Pod
    • 4-20mA Sensor Pod
  • NetBotz 200
    • Rack-mount monitoring is facilitated for up to 78 external sensors.
    • Advantage of massive Scalability.
    • Commonly installed in medium and large data centers.
  • NetBotz 300
    • Wall-mount monitoring for up to 4 external sensors and 1 camera
    • Quite a limited scalability
    • Most commonly installed in network closets and server rooms
  • NetBotz 400
    • Wall-mount and rack-mount monitoring for up to 18 external sensors and 2 cameras
    • It has moderate scalability
    • Most commonly installed in server rooms and small data centers
  • NetBotz 500
    • Rack-mount monitoring for up to 78 external sensors and 4 cameras
    • Advantage of massive Scalability
    • Most commonly installed in medium and large data centers
  • NetBotz Rack Access Control
    • Advantage of Proximity card rack access control system
    • A-Link pods or network appliances enabling remote and local access control for your Netshelter SX enclosures or 3rd party racks.

Environmental monitoring solution from Emerson

Liebert OpenComms EM Environmental Monitor

This monitor is very compact and a half duplex device that is specifically designed to monitor temperature, humidity, water detection and contact closure. It also helps notify if in any case the conditions exceed user-defined limits.

The Leibert OpenComms EM varies in size and a number of types of ports and is readily available in several models. It is so versatile, that it is designed in such a way that it has sensor ports installed to monitor temperature, humidity, contact closure and also has the capability of detecting water. All the models also have an in-built temperature/humidity sensor. it also supports a 10Mbit Ethernet connection and has the following functionality: User Authentication, E-mail and paging notification, Web interface using HTTP, SNMP support that includes Nform and graphing.

The Liebert OpenComms EM controller takes up almost zero U rack space and can support any combination of two sensors. The supported sensors are temperature, humidity, temperature and humidity combination and contact closure.

  • Liebert EM PDU controller version has two serial ports and two sensor ports for connection to the Liebert Managed Power Advanced Power Strips. It takes up zero U rack space.
  • Liebert vEM-14 controller is a 1U rack mountable device that uses the same sensors and has the same features as the Liebert OpenComms EM controller. But this one comes with additional inputs. A built-in temperature and humidity sensor allows for the monitoring of the local temperature and humidity without the use of one of the sensor ports. The vEM-14 has two serial ports, 4 sensor ports, one internal temperature, humidity sensor and ten dry contact inputs through the use of screw terminals.


  • It has a monitor/alarm controller.
  • Provides temperature/humidity sensors and dry contacts
  • It also provides web interface using HTTP, user authentication, e-mail and paging notification, and SNMP support including Liebert Nform


  • Flexibility -
    • It confers network connectivity that allows flexibility to receive email as well as paging notification.
    • Network connectivity, allowing flexibility to receive both e-mail and paging notification. Alarming notifications when it exceeds user-defined limits.
    • Sensors for both the Liebert vEM-14 and the Liebert EM are available in both 15- and 60-foot lengths.
  • Higher Availability
    • Expanded monitoring capability to include water detection, ensuring against downtime by increasing the likelihood that potential problems are detected before they occur.
    • Built in temperature & humidity sensor, allowing flexibility to utilize an unused sensor port for additional monitoring and further ensuring against downtime.
  • Lowest Total Cost of Ownership
    • It confers ten dry contact inputs, increase in monitoring capabilities and ensuring against costly, unplanned downtime.
  • Ideally Suited For
    • Network closets to monitor temperature problems.
    • Equipment cabinets to monitor overheating.
    • Detectors to monitor sensitive or trouble spots in a data center
    • Monitoring alarms of a unit for network notification

To fit your specific needs we also offer customized solutions such as,

  • Planning and Design services
  • System and Network Integration
  • Equipment staging and Configuration
  • Onsite resources for Implementation
  • Onsite break fix maintenance Support
  • Parts replacement and Logistics management support
  • Site visits
  • Hands on training programs for customers.

Thus Leading Network Systems Pvt. Ltd. ( Enterprise Division ) Solutions effortlessly combine technology know-how, coupled with unique affordability to deliver a superior experience for users.