Server and Network Enclosure Solution

The fundamental structure for IT is a rack/enclosure that enables organizations to bring down human errors while troubleshooting a problem. Leading Network Systems Pvt. Ltd. ( Enterprise Division ) a range of server and network

Leading Network Systems Pvt. Ltd. ( Enterprise Division ) offers a range of server and network enclosure solution for datacenter and server room as follows:-

High End Enclosure

A multi-functional rack enclosure took shape under the influence of customers feedback from all over the world. These enclosures are designed to meet current IT market trends and even applications ranging from high density computing and networking to broadcast audio-video. The High End Enclosure provides a reliable rack-mounting environment for mission-critical equipment, this with a strong focus on cooling, power distribution, cable management and environmental monitoring.

Aluminum Closed Rack (For server and Network)

High on fine styling and value-for-money, it has been designed and engineered specifically for easy assembly and rapid equipment integration at site. Its innovative design is based on the use of aluminum profiles for the four vertical pillars, which are connected solidly to two welded steel end-frames. As a result it weighs much lesser and gives it an elegant appearance along with a scope for a quick assembly. Owing to the steel end-frames, the aluminum closed rack is able to handle equipment loads up to 850 kgs. Hence its best useful for network cabling purposes.


  • Sizes- 24U, 36U, 42U, & 45U
  • Widths- 600 mm & 800mm
  • Depths- 800mm, 1000mm, & 1,200mm

Steel closed Rack (For server and Network)

A very innovative enclosure solution, the steel closed rack is designed specifically for small and medium sized segment customers and branch offices. Keeping in view the need for economical packaging, it can accommodate any standard 19" equipment. Steel closed Rack can be supplied in completely knocked-down condition (CKD) and can be easily assembled at site.


  • Sizes- 37U & 42U
  • Widths- 600 mm & 800mm
  • Depths- 800mm & 1000mm

Table Rack

Designed for table-top and floor standing use the table rack is a 19" enclosure similar to the Wall Mount Units with a front and rear door. Meant for table top use or under the table (castors) use. Ideal for small businesses, self- employed professionals such as lawyers, doctors, tax consultants estate agents etc. Also well used in educational institutes such as schools, colleges, R&D establishments etc.


  • Sizes- 6U, 9U, 12U, 15U & 18U
  • Widths- 600 mm
  • Depths- 800mm & 1000mm

Open Rack (For high density cabling)

Managing Data Cabling

This is best suited for the types where is there is much constraint for space. Ever since the demand for bandwidth has kept escalating, cable performance has become very critical. With the introduction of Cat 6a cabling, the best practice is to maintain the optimal bend radius and limit physical impact on the cable, preventing stretching, twisting and snagging. Since any cable deformation can have severe effects on the network performance, Open Rack solves these issues by forming the fundamental frame for distribution of the data cabling within the datacenter.


  • Available in 6", 8", and 12" widths
  • Available in 45U heights

Wall Mount

Leading Network Systems Pvt. Ltd. ( Enterprise Division ) offers a versatile range of Wall Mount enclosures to suit small secured network requirements. Wall Mounts are the ideal solution in areas where floor space is a limitation. Typical networking equipments such as routers, switches, patch panels, etc. are well suited for these mounting arrangements.


  • Sizes – 6U, 9U, 12U & 15U
  • Depths - 500mm & 600mm