IP Security and Surveillance

Business Challenges:

Security of premises is of a high concern for most of the firms or businesses today. The technology that effectively curbs and prevents vandalism, unlawful building access or even accidents that are disruptive in nature, need high end theft preventive procedures. The use of Circuit TV (CCTV) is still prevalent in many companies,; however the fact is that CCTV is not effective enough in providing alert vigilance, even in integrating new facilities like light controls, door access and also event-triggered email alerts.

What exactly are organizations expecting in terms of all-round security?

  • Completely safe guard the business from vandalism and any sort of theft.
  • Monitoring of businesses from remote locations
  • Reduce the risks of accountability or legal responsibility for workplace accidents
  • To drastically bring down operational costs by bringing together separate business applications and also surveillance networks.
  • Enabling advanced surveillance features such as light and door controls and also automatic email alerts.
  • Increased awareness of customer behavior and also traffic patterns.

The Effective solutions:

A pioneer company in providing world-class video surveillance systems, Leading Network Systems Pvt. Ltd. ( Enterprise Division ) offers end-to-end video surveillance solutions. Ranging from the traditional analog camera based solutions to a high-end IP camera based solutions, we provide the best and the latest with efficacy.

Video surveillance technology is fast evolving and already the boom of IP based Video surveillance is seeing a giant leap in this technology. It is very much possible to connect the IP infrastructure and this enables to making the video surveillance system a part of data network. Not limiting to this the network can also be integrated with other business systems. This in addition facilitates enhanced surveillance capabilities.

There's a whole new world of CCTV monitoring that's opening up and various new revolutions are coming up that help protect people, property and reduce crime. Additionally it improves crime detection through surveillance services for commercial, industrial and residential premises.

IP video surveillance comes as a big change from the ordinary, complex and outdated CCTV and tape solutions. It allows an integration in between the physical security system and the same network that is used for the rest of the business.

Not only the above. IP video surveillance has gained much momentum and importance globally as a new found strategic tool in protecting global issues like war against terrorism, crime prevention, safeguarding corporate assets and public safety. In addition it is also being largely used for government security and traffic monitoring. There is now no room for blurry and unclear CCTV recordings and they are now being replaced by highly advanced digital IP cameras and systems that produce high- definition, high resolution, real time video.

With Leading Network Systems Pvt. Ltd. ( Enterprise Division ), video surveillance gets a new definition and offers the following outstanding solutions:
  • A CCTV based video surveillance system, to create vigilance for SMB's and corporate in building security
  • For large corporate, a city-wide video surveillance on Wide Area Network is available
  • Wireless video surveillance for huge and strategic installation.
  • Better service in providing security requirement of the customers with customized surveillance solutions.