A) Power Distribution and Backup Solution


The IT environments are getting necessarily complex, what with the intricate number of wiring closets, to server rooms and data centers that come in all sizes. This has made the need for a reliable power distribution more crucial. The overall power management issues are anyways critical for the IT industry in general. Also facility managers need to bring in higher density equipment. Thus power distribution units play a vital role in managing power capacity and a proper functionality of network and even data center equipment.


In the given scenario Leading Network Systems Pvt. Ltd. ( Enterprise Division ) comes in as a big relief while it offers wide range of well managed power distribution solutions aptly suited for IT environment. Our standardized PDU's are designed in such a way that they help leverage the overall manageability and efficiency of your data center. This provides real-time remote load monitoring of all the connected equipments. This also includes remote power recycling, managing power up/power down sequencing of equipments. Data Centers and IT managers rely on alarms to warn potential power overloads before any critical IT failure strikes.

Leading Network Systems Pvt. Ltd. ( Enterprise Division ) offers a robust and space saving power distribution system that flexes itself into easy expansion that supports high plug densities. We also boast providing back-up power and distribution solutions for small to very large data centers, server farms and computer rooms.

We are providing a wide array of power distribution solutions for your IT environment. Standardized PDUs are designed to increase the manageability and efficiency of your data center. Power Distribution solutions provide real-time remote load monitoring of connected equipment and individual outlet power control for remote power recycling, manage power-up or power-down sequencing of equipment. IT and Data Center Managers rely on IPPDU alarms to warn of potential power overloads before critical IT failures occur.

Modern data centers require a space-saving, robust, power distribution system that can be easily expanded and supports high plug densities. We provide back-up power and distribution solutions for small to very large data centers, computer rooms, or server farms.


  • Very sustainable
  • Highly Scalable
  • Power usage regularly monitored
  • Power saving enough to spare some.
  • Environmental Monitoring
  • High cost saving
The numerous products in power management solutions are as follows,


The use of IP PDU alarms is critical to warn IT and data centre managers of potential power overloads before any occurrence of IT failure. We have various products in power management solutions such as:
  • Metered by outlet Rack PDU
  • Basic Rack PDU
  • Metered Rack PDU
  • Switched Rack PDU

UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply):

UPS has extremely high efficiency at low, medium and high-load levels of power supply. This makes them most suited for today's virtualized or costly servers that have much varying load consumption. Be it any form (like tower, rack/tower convertible) there is a model for every application and even budget.


  • Smart UPS:
    • Extremely efficient for all low, medium, as well as high power load levels.
    • Modified to be made available in every form to suit application and budget.
    • Available model range 750VA to 5 KVA
  • Smart UPS on-line:
    • True double conversion, online power protection that provides high density
    • Supports loads from 1 to 20 KVA in a rack/tower convertible form.
    • Available from 2U to 12 U

About ATS Switch:

ATS also known as Automatic Transfer Switches (rack ATS) are highly dependable and they provide redundant power to single corded equipment. With a dual input power cords it is able to supply power to the given connected load. The main advantage of rack ATS is that, in case of critical power loads, if the primary power source becomes unavailable; it can seamlessly switch the sourcing of power from the secondary source without any interruptions whatsoever. The rack ATS is built-in such a way that it allows for any remote management; be it through SNMP, Telnet Interfaces or Web.


All about Rack mount Automatic Transfer Switches:
  • Dual Input Power Sources:
    This facilitates a redundant AC power supply to all the connected equipments. It is designed in such a way that a total of two AC lines supply power to the unit and in case of any problem with the primary AC power fails, this unit automatically switches over to the alternative power source. And this happens without any interruptions in critical loads.
  • In this type there are a variety of input and output connections that distribute 120V, 208V or 230V power supply to multiple outlets.
  • In addition there is also an availability of a network management that is full-featured. It necessarily provides standard based management i.e. mainly through Web, Telnet or SNMP. It also allows the systems of configuration, accessibility and management of all the units even from remote locations. This indeed saves a lot of valuable time.

The power distribution and backup systems of Leading Network Systems Pvt. Ltd. ( Enterprise Division ) prevents any spill over, considerably reduces data center downtime and also ensures a full backup power. Our proficiency in effectively handling data center operational challenges as well as power distribution and power management will necessarily help you reduce both time and cost. This especially in the areas of determining the perfect solutions and right products for your application. Leading Network Systems Pvt. Ltd. ( Enterprise Division ) gives you everything ranging from simple PDU's to intelligent high-voltage and high-amperage units.

Our strong vendor resources make sure you get the best solutions that meet all your power requirements. Working with leading power management, distribution and leading manufacturers including APC, Avocent etc. gives an extra edge over our competitors.

Backed with a robust experience and great relationships with manufacturers, we can also get you the most competitive prices in the market.