Cooling containment from APW

Cold Aisle Containment System from APW president

APW President Systems introduces the COOL WAY Cold Aisle Containment System for higher energy savings in Datacenters. President Systems has introduced COOL WAY, a cold aisle containment system specifically for deploying them in data centers. With energy efficiency becoming a critical goal, any technology to save power would be a boon to business. According to the Green Grid (an international non-profit organization with a mandate to increase energy efficiency in the IT sector), cooling requirements consume approximately 63 percent of the power in a datacenter.

APW President continues to be the pioneer in being innovative and hence has come up with energy-saving solutions. These energy-saving equipments are designed to set standards in enhancing customer value. hence APW president is one of the major providers of data center infrastructure solutions.

Since in today's data centers there is greater heat generation, consequently the need for cooling systems is also that much higher. In such times most of the high-end computer servers require a very precision focused and careful engineering that ultimately helps remove the heat generated by it. So in any  typical data center design, every server location demands or rather needs cool air at optimal volume, temperature and also humidity. Hot exhaust air from cabinets returning directly into the cold aisle containment systems majorly cause short-circuiting of air paths. This consequently reduces cooling effectiveness. Thus by employing cold aisle containment systems, cooling effectiveness can be considerably or significantly improved.

In the COOL WAY design, optimally conditioned air is directed to a sealed cold aisle. This ensures that occurrences of thermal variations within the data centers do not affect the volume of cold air that is being delivered to the front of the IT equipment.

In the design of COOL WAY, optimally conditioned air is directed to a sealed cold aisle which ensures that the thermal variations within the data centre do not affect the volume of cold air being delivered to the front of the IT equipment.

The process involves COOL WAY guiding the cooled air from the air-conditioning inlet tiles on to the raised floor into a sealed cold aisle between the server racks. All the necessary equipments inside the racks are cooled as much as they are required to and the heated air is exhausted in to the surrounding room, where finally it rises to the top. This efficient sealed COOL WAY system prevents the mixing of cool and warm air in the room and it ensures that the air returned to the air-conditioning units is always at a higher temperature.

Remarkable Benefits:
  • It prevents short circuits due to the conflicts arising in between the cool air and the warm air.
  • It provides a very even temperature all across the cabinet height.
  • It increases heat dissipation capacity of the cabinet too.
  • With limited cooling being provided to only the cold aisle, naturally operating expenses are heavily reduced.
  • An increase in the temperature gradient facilitates more efficient heat removal.
  • Increased MTBF of IT equipment