Parametric Precision Cooling

The Real Challenge

  • Cooling for data center is very critical as proper cooling creates the right, suitable environment to avoid any failures or disturbances.
  • 50 % of operating costs in the data center are bound to occur due to cooling alone. This means having efficient and reliable cooling units are all the more essential.
  • Since organizations still continue to deploy blade server technology and virtualization, especially the ones that are creating high density racks in data centers, precision cooling becomes all the more crucial and high priority.

Using Precision Cooling to Build Modular, Scalable and Flexible Data Center

Server rooms have always seen a constant up gradation, mainly with the objective of keeping pace with the growing needs of end users. To satisfy this need of the users companies have purchased and added to the overall infrastructure like air conditioners, backup power, CRAC units in order to resolve the cooling issues.

We at Leading Network Systems Pvt. Ltd. ( Enterprise Division ) offer comprehensive Parametric/ Precision cooling systems for the purpose of heating, ventilating and air conditioning. the objective is also to maintain a specific required temperature for equipment performance. With a complete package of data center cooling solutions, our technology expertise help protect the most vital applications from even the slightest increase in temperature.

Leading Network Systems Pvt. Ltd. ( Enterprise Division ) offers the most competitive technology that offer modern precision air conditioning systems. These have energy efficient hybrid technology in built that also make use of cool air from outside for the purpose of air conditioning. This cuts data center's electricity consumption straight by 40%. Such a system works successfully for years together to deliver continuous, failure proof operation. Highly reliable and exceptionally economically, these keep IT functioning uninterrupted at all times.

These precision cooling systems are aptly designed to meet the needs of high density computing. More so these cooling systems make for the most cost-effective solutions.

Our Offerings in precision cooling solutions:

  • High Density Modular Data Center Cooling:
    The highly energy-efficient and flexible heat density cooling solutions in a way optimize data center infrastructure design. Such data cooling centers are available with open or closed architecture. Small Room Cooling:
    We offer comprehensive precision cooling systems that are space-saving and are easily available in several configurations and various sizes too that can meet the myriad needs of electronic equipments that are placed installed in tight spaces.
  • Large Room Cooling:
    In case of raised floorings or ducted applications, need protection and precision data cooling and humidity control solutions provides exactly this. one can find a number of configurations and models in this,

High Density Modular Cooling from Emerson:

Liebert XD refrigerant-based Cooling Modules:

This particular refrigerant based cooling module is modeled to support the hot as well cold aisle and also the high density data center cooling. Focused rack cooling, room-based cooling such as the Liebert DS floor mount system. For electric equipment pumped refrigerant is ideal as it operates at a low pressure in the piping circuit and also transforms into gas at room temperature.

Available in configurations that match individual application requirements as follows, Some salient features:
  • Cooling modules that are high heat density
  • Mount above, between or on rocks
  • It uses pumped refrigerant technology
  • Requires very little or no floor space at all

Liebert DCW Water-based Cooling Modules and Racks:

Liebert DCW Water-based Cooling Modules in combination with Liebert DCP Coolant Pumping unit to supply cooling water to high heat density racks. This offers a cooling alternative for high heat density racks. it is usually observed that in high density data center applications the hot aisle/cold aisle approach is not practical. Taking advantage of the existing chilled water system, this type of water based cooling module coolant pumping unit helps in distributing the cooler water to the racks or even to cooling modules mounted on the racks.

Some Salient Features:
  • Systems that are water-based and high heat density.
  • Back-of-rack-installed module or full enclosure system.
  • Leverages existing building chilled water loop
  • Fully compatible with Liebert coolant pumping unit.