Building Management Solutions

Modular Access Floor:

An extraordinarily versatile and flexible instrument gives designers unprecedented creative freedom. Equipment and cabling is easily housed in the plenum underneath the access floor.


Access Floor
  • This is fully equipped to house multiple services such as water, power, telephone, and data.
  • Comes with perimetral edge with UNI borders and line borders.
  • Core floors designed using chipboard and calcium sulphate
  • Aluminium, galvanized steel and hard plastic laminate backings available
  • Dimensional flexibility (30 cm to 120 cm)
  • Full adaptability of support structure components
Access Floor Solutions
  • Public buildings
  • Tertiary -Services
  • Data centre's -Computer rooms
  • Stores -Shopping centre's
  • Show rooms
The modern building
  • Savings -Speed
  • Flexibility
  • Design
  • Technology
  • Reliability
  • Excellent quality
  • Sustainability
  • Chipboard (thickness 30 and 38mm)
  • Calcium sulphate (thickness 12.5,30 and 34mm)
  • Aluminum (thickness 0.05mm)
  • Galvanized steel (thickness0.5mm)
  • Hard plastic laminate (thickness 0.9mm)
  • Laminate / Vinyl / Linoleum / Rubber
  • Carpet
  • Natural parquet
  • Ceramic / Natural or reconstituted stone
  • Steel / Glass / Resin
Perimetral edge
  • UNI Border
  • LINE Border
Freedom of form
  • Avant-garde production line
  • Dimensional flexibility (30 –120 cm)
  • Full adaptability of the support structure
  • Wide range available
  • Design enhancement
Support structure: Uni8 Evolution
  • Uniflair patent
  • In galvanized steel
  • Conductive, air tight gasket and sound-proofing
  • Height from 55 to1000mm and above (height regulation ±50mm)
  • 8 shaped branches for stringer fitting
  • Stringers Light (L), Medium (M),
  • Heavy (P), Extra Heavy (H), Diagonal (D),  Cross (X) with relative gaskets
  • "snap-on" assembly system
  • Predisposed for fixing screws to the head
  • Variety of possible configurations