APC In Room Precision Cooling

Perimeter Cooling Solutions Provide Both Reliability and Redundancy

APC’s InRoom Perimeter Cooling solutions enable monitoring and maintenance of temperature and humidity design conditions. Such conditions are critical for smooth operation of a data center or of a computer room.  Since temperature fluctuations can cause thermal stress and also may lead to premature failures in IT equipment, it is best to have tight tolerance temperature control.  In case of low humidity there's a possibility of a static discharge and in a case of low humidity static discharge is quite possible that can cause condensation – both the conditions are highly treacherous for IT and networking equipment. 

Additionally, the APC InRoom Perimeter Cooling solutions are highly manageable. These controls ensure optimized operations, alarms that facilitate an analytic view into the health of the unit. Also an easy-to-use display allows the operator to select options from the device’s menu-driven interface that are used to control and monitor the connected air conditioning system.

Various benefits of APC’s InRoom leading edge precision cooling solutions also include:  

  • Seamless modular construction that allows flexibility and adaptability;
  • EC fan modules which increase fan efficiency by up to 30 percent while reducing operating costs;
  • Anti-vibration mounting to isolate the fan module from the unit structure;
  • Dedicated de-humidification and scroll compressors in select models to maximize efficiency;
  • Front service access and proactive alarm functions which make for easily serviceable units; and
  • A scalable design, which enables customers to meet the changing needs of their environments.

Versatile APC InRoom cooling solutions are available in both Chilled Water and Direct Expansion (DX). Out of which DX units are available in air-, water-, and glycol-cooled, as well as multi-cool and economizer options.   Available in both up flow and down flow configurations, as well as a multitude of other options, InRoom cooling solutions are built to suit specific customer needs.